Why we founded Relevant

New, Danish brand to challenge everyday skincare products.

Switching from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant is not rocket science nor requires any hard work from your side. Just get started and give it at least two weeks. However, to make the transition as smooth as possible and to avoid stinky days, we’ve put together a short list of relevant tips.

We’ve founded Relevant Cosmetics with one promise: To develop gentle but effective skincare products while taking care of our planet.

Those are big words to live by — we know. But we truly mean them. We’re tired of putting nasty chemicals on our body every single day. And like that’s not enough, we’re tired of our landfills and oceans being filled with plastic. We need to find ways to reduce the production of new single-use plastic packaging and start to be smarter around our product packaging solutions.

Challenging one product at a time

We’ve made a promise to ourself, you (and the planet) that we’ll only develop the relevant skincare products that take care of your body and the planet.

Though we would’ve loved to introduce a full series of gentle and effective cosmetics products, we’ve decided to challenge one product type at a time.

That’s why we are super excited to announce that our first product will be an all natural and vegan deodorant. Made in a container of 100% recycled + recyclable ocean plastic! Like we said earlier, only relevant skincare products for your body and our planet.

Over the past five years, we’ve grown frustrated with the available range of natural deodorants and anti-perspirants. We’ve had complaints about our smell, had irritated skin, yellow stains, and paid too much for low quality. Not to mention the white virgin plastic for every single product out there.

Introducing a natural and vegan deodorant in 100% recycled + recyclable ocean plastic

To combat the deodorant problem, we’ve spent the past year developing an effective but gentle formula that actually works! Our protected formula has been adjusted more than 25 times and tested on hundreds of volunteers. Your armpits have never been in a better place.

All ingredients are natural, vegan, allergy friendly and Cosmos Natural approved. Free from aluminium, alcohol and parabens. And as the first brand on the market, our packaging is made with 100% recycled + recyclable ocean plastic 🌊

According to a ’18 study in Scientific Reports, at least 46% of the plastic in the oceans is made up from ghost nets. These abandoned nets never degrade and thus damage the marine life. That’s why we’ve teamed up with local partners to collect, process, and reuse fishing nets for our packaging. Hence preventing more plastic from entering the oceans ♻️

Our contribution is not gonna solve a global problem, but if everyone collectively did this we can make a big impact. Together we can close the loop on recycling while keeping our planet clean.

So what makes our deodorant so special?

You probably have some questions, so we decided to answer some of them.

  • Yes, it actually works.
  • Yes, it can be used by both him and her.
  • Yes, it’s affordable for everyone.
  • Yes, it can be recycled. Again and again.
  • Yes, it works on sensitive skin.
  • Yes, it doesn’t contain aluminum, alcohol or parabens.
  • Yes, it includes only safe and effective ingredients.
  • Yes, it is made in Denmark.

Enough about us. At least for now.