What is a natural deodorant?

In 2 minutes you’ll understand why you should make the switch.

You’ve probably heard the buzz around deodorants, however you might not know the difference between a natural deodorant and a regular one (antiperspirant). We’ve made a short description to help you out.

Antiperspirant vs. natural deodorant

An antiperspirant reduces the amount of sweat. It contains aluminium salts that form a gel on your skin and block your sweat glands. Hence it inhibits you from sweating naturally, to excrete other body toxins, and to keep your body temperature in balance. If you want to spot an antiperspirant, look at the ingredients list for “aluminium chlorohydrate”, “potassium alum” or “aluminum zirconium pentachlorohydrate”.

A natural deodorant works differently by reducing and neutralising odour causing bacteria (read: what makes you stink), but it doesn’t prevent you from sweating. Instead, it prevents you from smelling bad by attacking the odour-causing bacteria as they evolve on your skin - given the formula has been thoroughly tested and contains the right combination of effective ingredients. Our natural deodorant contains a mix of natural-derived moisture absorbing and anti-microbial ingredients to ensure your skin flora is in balance and your underarms stay healthy and fresh. We’ve spent more than a year developing our formulation, and so far we’ve tested it on hundreds of volunteers and adjusted it around 25 times.

Why you should make the switch to a natural deodorant

First, we simply don’t support the idea of using antiperspirants that block your underarms and prevent you from sweating naturally and releasing body toxins. Sweating is a natural process, which we shouldn’t interfere with.

Second, when aluminium interacts with your sweat, you’ll get those not-so-sexy yellow stains. Everyone has experienced this problem, and the chance that you can remove them is pretty low. Goodbye nice clothes.

Third, most antiperspirants contain a significant amount of perfume to mask bad smell, as well as alcohol to kill bad (and good) bacteria. Both ingredients may leave your skin prone to dryness and irritation, and in some cases allergic reaction. We’ve thoroughly benchmarked our natural deodorant with perfume free antiperspirants. So far we haven’t found one that our natural deodorant cannot beat in contest.

And finally, we should also care about the planet. Most aluminium salts in antiperspirants are synthetically produced. Our natural deodorant only contains natural and vegan derived ingredients from responsible sources. People and planet friendly skincare for everyone.